After 6+ years of being a wedding photographer and business owner, my friends, family, and strangers began reaching out to me for help. You all have led me into the direction of educating and I have found a new passion with helping others in this creative space to learn and grow. Photography is a fulfilling and evergrowing industry with so many avenues. Whether you want to start photography as a hobby or career, let me help you jumpstart your journey!

Photography Education

"As a photographer who has gotten some mentoring and 2nd shot a wedding with Dena, I cannot recommend her enough! Dena has so much information she is willing to share with you if you are willing to learn, not to mention she is so much fun to 2nd shoot a wedding with and communicates VERY WELL! It’s also so neat to see the level of service she provides for her clients and how passionate she is about what she does. If you get the chance to 2nd shoot with her you will not regret it and if you hire her for your wedding you won’t either!"

- Natasha Austin

"I had the opportunity to shadow Dena for a wedding in Altamone springs, fl. She demonstrated a great level of precision and attention to detail photographing the most important moments of the day. Her ability to communicate with the couple and coordinate with the wedding party was truly inspiring.
I was pleasantly surprised by her willingness to offer guidance and advice without any hesitation, she is super friendly and approachable. I would also like to mention how freely she shared her marketing tips and advice to help me with my own photography business. Plus she was the only photographer who replied to me when I reached out for guidance. Dena is a true professional and a great mentor, invested in helping other photographers succeed. "

- ney mila

1:1 Education


For the seasoned photographers, this 1-on-1 mentor session is a 2 hour phone call, for those who have decided to take the leap and turn their hobby into a career or uplevel their business, but don't quite know where to begin or how to start. 
  • Using the button below, you can schedule our session and answer my quick questionaire for me to learn who you are, where you are currently at in your journey, where you want to go moving forward, what you are interested in learning, and what action steps you can take to reach your goals.
  • We will have 2 hours together where we can discuss branding, pricing, getting your name out there, systems, organization, workflow, camera settings, and much more! Any questions you have, I will be happy to help! Pick my brain and take lots of notes.
  • After our 1-on-1, I will send you an email to refer back to, with all that we discussed and any actions steps that will help you get to where you want to go.
  • Receive follow ups and check ins from me for accountability. 

Business Resources

My everyday tools that help me run my company with ease


My CRM for lead capture, automations, scheduling, contracts, and invoices, All in one place.

When clients inquire through my contact form, the lead automatically is generated into my honeybook workflow. From there, I can send automations like my investment guide where clients can view my pricing, read reviews, answer my detailed questionaire, and schedule our consulation call at their convenience. After our consultation call, I can send contracts and collect payment.


For fully customizable website creation to truly express your brand.


To get the most out of Intuit Quickbooks, I also bank with them. All in place, I can see my income, track & categorize expenses, file receipts, send invoices, track my milage, and my book-keeper has easy access to everything she needs to help me run my company smoothly. 

Banking, Track Milage, Snap receipts, send invoices, and book-keeping


Beautifully currated client galleries

affiliate link*

affiliate link*

With Passgallery, clients can view their full galleries, download the images in web-size or high-resolution, share them with their friends and family, or conveniently purchase print products where a percentage of the profit is given back to you.